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The Next Generation of Increasing Agricultural Production Outputs

Ecologika® is an agricultural enterprise manufacturing and distributing plant nutrients within a holistic approach to farming. The realisation that the efficacy of chemical fertilisers alone is diminishing has spurred our business to look for innovative products to unlock agricultural outputs by improving the condition, and stimulating beneficial microbial life, of the soil.

Sustainable agriculture is a tangible farming philosophy aimed at implementing common sense practices which, over time, will restore soil health to its full agricultural potential.  The multiplier effect of improved crop yields, improved produce quality and reduced input costs in a sustainable manner can only benefit the farmer.  It is Ecologika’s mission to work with the farmer to achieve this change in agricultural economics.

How do we achieve this?

  1. Through improving fertiliser efficacy and minimising environmental contamination
  2. Through crop husbandry practices which improve the soil condition and help retain valuable nutrients and moisture;
  3. Through the beneficial role of added micronutrients to the soil which enhance the delivery of all nutrients to the plant throughout the growing season;
  4. Through activating the growth and stimulating the beneficial role of soil micro-organisms in nutrition and crop health.


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Chemical ReAction July 2014

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